Thursday, April 21, 2005

The "Silent Six"(the sole blacks on the Council at the time, they were pro Daley) seem to also evoke Eugene Sawyer. However much I hate to admit it, similar things have been said of Jane Byrne-both she and Daley have been accused of attempting to garner votes from blacks through patronizing demagougery. That's an apt description of both Daleys(Richard M is the man who once campaigned under the slogan "Ditch the B***h and Vote for Rich"), but not Byrne. Byrne was a victim of immense misogyny, and was not about to perpetrate racial or gender subjugation. She defeated Bilandic in the primary by claiming it was she, and not he, who held the true claim to the Daley legacy. She frequently quoted Richard J Daley as having said "[She]is the most competent woman I know." Richard M thought otherwise;he ran against her in the primary. Byrne, under Richard J Daley, was the little know Com. of Weights and Measures, but rose to fame by launching a pioneering investigation into the monopololistic cab company that served Chicago under two names(one of which was "Checkers" ;I can't recall the other, maybe it was "Red') to provide false competition. This was very popular, as a pedestrian-cab accident earlier in the year had resulted in the death of a child as she purchased ice cream.


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