Thursday, April 21, 2005

Was Richard M Daley a proponent of the all Chicano district? Edgar backed it, Lipinski et al white Democratic power brokers opposed it. Republicans were in favor of it, because it deprieved the white political Democratic elite from seats. I think RJD opposed it;I'm uncertain. However, what differntiates Gutteriez from Davis-and what makes Gutteriez a potential first Chicano mayor of Chicago, while Davis is a Daley primary foe(blacks voted 55% for Daley)-is that Gutteriez, post Washington, cast his lot with Daley and Gutteriz now holds that seat. At one time, there were 7 Chicano Senatorial districts-Ben Martinez, Jesus Garcia, et cetera-there are now only three-del Valle, Munoz, Martinez.


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