Friday, April 22, 2005

You don't need much more proof of the liberal Democratic(and they're now misogynists so that compounds it) anti-free market groves-of-academe elite than this. And is Michael Moore making some sort of screwedup-mentary on Madison County? Its just.......its just........I am elluded by words that aren't obsence gerunds that carry the necessary animus to describe the sort of permanent facade behind which the corrupt venality of ATLA operates, through its various functionaries. I mean, really. If Rich Miller(yes, I know, bipartisan pundit of the year) said that the ILGOP should be called the "Chamber," then the Democratic Party should be the ATLA Party, and then the party of sane moderate Democrats would have to be another faction.............I know what it would be called.......the "Lisa Madigan/Dan Hynes/Pat Quinn" party!


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