Saturday, May 07, 2005

Berkowitz on Coulson Foes

Well, one of Speaker Mike's imperatives in the 2000 map was to defeat Representative Coulson. He drew her(House 17) the most hostile-to-the-GOP district he could. In 2002, as Berkowtiz notes, civil litigation ensued after the Democratic primary in Bender vs Hughes. Bender was a Madigan backed candidate and Hughes was more "independent." I know Bromburg had run against Schakowsky, though Schakowsky seemed to hold no ill will against her in this race. OD adores Representative Coulson and we sternly condemn the rampant Coulson-bashing on both sides of the aisle, whether its Paul Caprio or Sen.ATLA. Caprio absolutely does not deserve the appellation of Republican;if he were a Republican, he would back Coulson. (Caprio also opposed Suzie Bassi-backing Sutarik, who would most certainly have lost the general.) OD has had enough of him and his bevy of Coulson bashers.


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