Monday, May 09, 2005


Potential candidates for the US House against Bean include Althoff, Beaubien, Dave McSweeny, Al Savli, Mrs Salvi, Al Salvi's brother, Pat(former head of ITLA), Bob Churchill, and Susan Simpson, who served briefly in the IL House, after being appointed to the seat vacated by Andrea S Moore. Moore became Ass't Director of DNR under Ryan, and is now on the Pollution Control Board. Jack Franks could run for Althoff's seat if she runs for the US House. Her's is an evolving district. Kurtz defeated Skinner in the 00 GOP primary, assailing his social conservatism and crusade against male-on-male "prison rapes." Kurtz declined to seek another term in 04 for "health reasons" and former RTA powerbroker Mike Tryon won her seat. He had been shortlisted for the appointment(which Althoff ended up receiving)to Klemm's seat, but the two now appear to be on good terms. Klemm had visited the hospital for a broken rib, and was diagnosed with cancer and pnemmonia. He had been in the House and was then Senate Min. Leader, in which capacity Petka succeeded him. Klemm had four children and, a refridgeration engineer, was the owner of his own company.


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