Thursday, May 05, 2005

Claypool, Too?

The Illinois Leader has reported that Cook County Commissioner Forrest Claypool(R-Suburbs) could be seduced into making a run for the board's top spot, in the GOP primary against Peraica, and, perhaps, Gorman. Stroger's vulnerability would serve only to draw more candidates into the race, and a greater liklihood of victory for he/she who emerges from the GOP primary. Prominent black Dems, including Ed Smith, and the Shaw brothers, have also voiced renewed support for Stroger. They are, to some extent, strange bedfellows:Smith is a Daley henchman, whom Daley recruited to run against Davis in the primary.(Cong Davis ran against the mayor in the primary, and Smith ran against Davis in a Congressional primary.) The Shaw brothers are Democratic dissidents, among both blacks and whites.


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