Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Hey! Tim Johnson's Daughter is on the Urbana City Council!

Heather Stevenson,29, was just sworn in as an alderwoman from Ward 6. Congratulations to her and to Congressman Johnson. Johnson was elected to the Council while in law school, and to the Illinois House in 1976. I don't know why the Urban Gazette described him as having served on the Council from 77-81, because that is way off. I don't know if he continued to serve on the Council while he was in the Illinois House;or if there is some ban on that. His father, Robert Johnson, a former Democrat,also served as an alderman and was county GOP chair.Johnson recounts having been out distributing campaign literature as early as age 3. Cong Johnson's father suffered from diabetes, and his mother incurred Alzheimer's Disease, which he says have formulated his views in favor of stem cell research, on which OD commends him.


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