Wednesday, May 04, 2005

In response to comments

OD thanks "HST" for his comments.
He:"Popular, yeah. At least 52% popular, since, you know, she won the election seven months ago. Also, just because Amy "blogging for LIFE" Allen makes up a rhyming nickname, doesn't make her unpopular," says he.
We:Darling, we can't take credit for that;its a "Leader-ism."
As for Bean's popularity:I don't know. Ask Dr Bill Dam.
Also, you still fail to offer substantiation of your claim that Kirk is "vulnerable." Well, darling, he's at least 65% secure. And, in my book, that's popular.
He:"Funny, you know who would disagree with you? The liars (Biggert, Johnson, and Shimkus) who imposed term limits on themselves because it was a GOP talking point at the time. You know who agrees with you? Me. I don't think term limits are strictly necessary. So you and I are on the same page. But you know where we diagree? I think politicians should keep campaign promises, whereas you think its just fine to break 'em. I wonder if, since you think its okay, you'll extend that courtesy to our Governor? Oh, you won't? Only if its Republicans? So you're applying a double standard to yourself? Well, this is where you and Shimkus finally agree. Congratulations."
We: Well, of course Johnson, Biggert, et al had term limits. In fact, it was Biggert's announcement that she would be breaking those term limits from which I borrowed my little talking point. Do you think, when they made them, they had an intention of keeping them? Absolutely not.
He:"Why is "list" in quotes? It isn't an actual list? And obviously I left out Madigan and Jones--it was a list of non-Chicago Democrats in leadership positions."
We:You still don't address the fact that the two highest ranking Dems(or, make that three, including Currie)are from Chicago, nor do you explain your irrational aversion to its use. And, remind us how its "racist." All of those whom you named were white.
He":What the hell are you talking about, dollface? Where the hell do I talk about racist Wheaton cops?"
We didn't attribute that to you. Others have, of whom you were not one. However, you still have not provided any rational substantiation of the "racist DuPate county(denizens)" tagline, which you make under the aegis of a critique of the Illinois GOP. Sounds, to me, more like an unprovoked jeremiad!
He:Berkowitz is smart and is definitely deserving of respect. That doesn't mean he shouldn't take it easy, which is all I said.
We:So, you regret your OD on vitriol? We know the feeling.
He:Actually, he's not. And you may want to consider linking to the same post less than a zillion times. Streamlining, lady!
Sweetheart, in the absence of permalinks, its an easy mistake to make. When one is browsing a post, one sees others to which one wishes to link, and one just control v's the same url into the link code. One can't find the urls of the other posts without digging through one's Kinja, or at all if it isn't in Kinja(because he doesn't have permalinks enabled, one has to access a specific post through another link.)
OD appreciates others who link to her;and we mistakenly thought the feeling would be mutual. Would you prefer we post trackbacks?


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