Thursday, May 05, 2005

In response to comments.....

OD thanks HST for his comments.
He:I thought it was "under duress"?
We:You know what, sweetie? I think you're right.
He:You have a crush on me, don't you? I think you're swell, too. Chocolate malt, two straws? You're not going to wear that fetus picture on a T-shirt though, are you? -Permalinks are enambled, though. Put your cursor over the time at the bottom of the post, it says "permanent link," and comes out like this: If that's not a permalink, I'm not sure I know what is. -I don't regret anything about what I said about Berkowitz. You're the one who freaked out. All I said was, "Take it easy." -You didn't attribute the racist cops thing to me? How come you typed "Enough with all this "racist Wheaton cops" pedantia." and linked it to one of my posts, that had nothing to do with Wheaton cops? Where the hell is Wheaton? -The "DuPage racist bla bla" thing was a rhetorical point, not a faction one. I was trying to illustrate what "Chicago Democrats" CAN (read that slowly: CAN) indicate; e.g., having racial undertones. -Yeah, and four years ago Hyde was Mr. Unbeatable. Kirk's popularity notwithstanding, he's in a district that is increasingly trending Dem. Bean's is trending the other way; so Dem Costello is in the same boat as Kirk. -You said: "Do you think, when they made them, they had an intention of keeping them? Absolutely not." So the y intentionally lied to voters!? And that's okay? Would you countenance that in a Democrat? Your hypocrisy on this is monumental. Term limits was one of THE BIGGEST GOP issues throughout the 80s and in the 94 debacle. It was a topic in presidential debates in 84, 88, and 92. The Republicans were obsessed with it. So who would "wish them to"? REPUBLICANS! That is, until they get power, then who gives a shit about integrity, right? -"You still don't address the fact that the two highest ranking Dems..." You're right. So? My point was to show how many non-Chicago Democrats hold leadership positions. I think everybody is quite clear on the ones who are from Chicago. Its not like if I don't mention them, people won't realize that Democrats from Chicago hold important leadership positions. -And, I wasn't defending Rahm's proposal. Simply showing why it wouldn't happen. I have ethics--unlike the Republicans, who are currently working on their second and third mid-decade redistricting in GA and CO. Bye bye. I'll miss you.
We: Kirk's district is "increasingly tending Democratic." Sweetheart, this is nothing new. I could write an entire thesis on this, but I'll spare you. Kirk's success lies in the fact that he has immense appeal with Democrats-and for good reason. Who isn't enamored of "Cap'n K" as he affectionately is known."Where is Wheaton?" "Where," indeed, darling. DuPate(get it?)County, last time I checked.
Oh, and BTW, about the permalinks. When one clicks on such a link, is one directed to a "post page?" No. All right. Mea culpa. We meant "post pages."
He: Retch, retch, retch. Pesky ACLUers defending Free Speech. Thank God somebody out there is going after them. God knows there aren't real problems in this country like, you know, 45,000,000 uninsured Americans. Your side really is evil, aren't they?
We: And, you know, like trial lawyers lining their pockets at the expense of plantiffs and the free market.


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