Thursday, May 12, 2005

Senate vs House Baseball Game

Last night, OD attended the Senate vs House baseball game, which, according to internet sources, is to be continued at a later date, because it was interrupted by a torrential downpour. At any rate, I was suprised that Leader Watson was there! Golly! And Halvorson, Lauzen, Petka, Dillard, (Ed)Sullivan,Hendon, Giles(?, wasn't sure if it was Turner or Giles), even Denny Jacobs! And Emil Jones! Maybe this isn't uncommon, but I always tend to overestimate the height of elected officals. Jones didn't appear to be much over 5'6", and Halvorson looks barely five feet. Jones participated quite gamely, albeit with a "designated runner." Lauzen was wearing orange shorts and white knee socks. His vehicle sported a bumper sticker professing "Republicans play good rugby."(Lauzen is an avid rugby player.)


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