Saturday, May 14, 2005

A Tribute to Senator Kay Wojicik

Obiter Dictum commends Senator Wojicik(R-Schaumburg) on her three decades of public service. In 1968, she was elected Schaumburg Township Clerk. In 1982, she was elected to the Illinois House. In 2002, she was appointed to the Illinois Senate to serve out the unexpired term of Senator Doris Karpiel(R-Roselle). The reps from that district are Paul Froelich and John J Milner. Milner is on HRO and is a frontrunner to succeed Wojicik. Some local elected officals may also run. Wojicik is equivocal as to whether or not she will resign or serve out her term. Wojick cited her husband's recent hip surgery and the desire to spend more time with her children and five grandchildren was motivating her decision to attrit. Senator Wojicik, you be sorely missed.


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