Thursday, May 05, 2005

"Will Randy Run?"

The Leader also reported that a DuPate County board member, Chuck Maher, could run against Randy Hultgren in the primary for Roskam's seat. It is certain that Roskam'll run for Hyde's seat, and Hultgren is an early favorite to succeed him. It is almost certain that Roskam would endorse Hultgren and that Dunn et al candidates would split the opposistion. Hultgren is Roskam's state rep and would do well in his Wheaton, while Dunn would carry Naperville. The race would be won on a)the margins by which they carried their respective districts and b)who rounded up a margin in the "other" territories-which are loosely defined, as, of course, all of the Senatorial district are in one of the two House districts. This isn't like Johnson vs Brady vs Ewing in the 00 CD-15 GOP primary, in which Johnson carried Champaign by firestorm, Brady, Bloomington, and Johnson, "rolled up a majority elsewhere." Hultgren's seat is being eyed by DuPage County Board member Debra Olson, who is from Glen Ellyn, which makes no sense, because that is Daniels territory. Maybe some of that is in Hultgren. A precinctcommitteewoman, Pam Mitroff, could also run.


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