Thursday, May 05, 2005

Wonder where he got that link.
"There should not be a Republican in IL-15," he said, with more than a note of patronization creeping into his voice.
The fact that CD-5 would not elect Johnson does not grant one a license to denigrate the good constituents of CD-15.
Oh, I know, the standard "they don't know what's good for them" line. Of course, sweetheart. Never mind that the last time I saw it used, it was offering an argument against Baker vs Carr and superminority majority CDs.
Champaign County had long been one of the most rock-ribbed GOP counties in the state;the unfortunate truth is that is, for all Republican candidates, no longer the case. However, Johnson continues to rake in substantial majorities. In the outlying areas surrounding Champaign, he ran some 2000 votes ahead of Bush. Two words:social conservatism. Hear's to you, Cong Johnson!


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