Thursday, July 28, 2005

Asa Hutchinson Runs for Goveror of Arkansas

bAsa Hutchinson, erstwhile DEA head, is running for governor of Arkansas. In 2002, Hutchinson's brother, Tim, was defeated by then AG Mark Pryor, son of a former US Senator, in Hutchinson's dynasty heavy re-election race. Pryor, who is relatively conservative, benefited from Tim Hutchinson(who is a clergyman)'s having divorced his wife and married a staffer. What did Mrs. Hutchinson do? Go to work for (US Rep) John Boozman. Off hand, I'd say Mrs. Boozman should watch out. At any rate, Hutchinson's sole competitor, thus far, is AG Mike Beebe. The lt governor withdrew from the race after having been diagnosed with what was described as a "precursor to leukemia."


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