Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Biographical Round-Up on Roberts

   Roberts, a New York native, is the son of an engineer(more specifically, an electrical engineer), a distrinction he shares with other historical luminaires-including Robert Louis Stevenson. His father was a steel company executive, and was soon transferred to Indiana, where he excelled in football and academics at a Catholic high school. Roberts worked in steel mills during the summers. (The surname Sullivan seems to have assumed an unusual significance in his life, it was also that of his erstwhile highschool headmaster.) He has three sisters, Cathy, Peggy, and Barbara, and was managing editor of the Harvard Law Review.
   Roberts, in his brief career as a lobbster, represented various peanut-growing groups.
   He and Mrs. Roberts married on July 27, 1996. She was once head of "Feminists for Life." They have two children, Josephine "Josie," and Jack, both of whom are adopted. The Robertses reside in Maryland, though he owns 1/8 of a cottage in Ireland, a stake he values at fewer than 15,000$. At Hogan and Hartson's, he regularly earned over a million a year(putting him in Amiel Cueto territory), though, as a federal appeals court judge, considerably less. Mrs. Roberts is a partner in the highly-esteemed Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman.
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