Friday, July 22, 2005

Brady to Announce

   Is his seat up in 2006?
   Brady lost his seat in the Illinois House in a run for its federal counterpart, from CD-15. He had the Speaker's endorsement, only because of Johnson's ties to Daniels, and Hastert's spat with Ewing, who had been his personal friend since the two were in the Illinois House. Ewing had vowed to retire in 1998, but sought another term so that his son would be old enough to run. This displeased Hastert, and he was not about to endorse the spawn of he who had spurned him. Ewing's progeny, Sam, was left to tither in the wind. Johnson had been "involved in politics longer than Sam Ewing had been alive," as the now US Rep would profess. Brady carried his district, and Johnson his own. Johnson's ardent campaigning earned him a margin of victory elsewhere in CD-15.
   Brady is a real estate mogul. Idk if he is related to Dan Brady, but I know the two, born 6 months apart, aren't brothers. Like Stan Weaver(who had a peripheral involvement in a firm known as Brady/Weaver Real Estate;don't ask me why), Dan Brady was an undertaker. He is also an erstwhile McLean County Coroner.
   Idk if Bloomington is still in CD-15. I know the Pantagraph endorsed Renner, but they may have readers in CD-11.


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