Sunday, July 24, 2005

Dean, Casey Reconcile; English Teachers Remain Dissatisfied

   It appears that Dean has extended the olive branch to Bob Casey, a potential candidate against Santoroum, and avowed pro lifer. Dean has previously extolled the Democratic Party's belief that a "woman has the right to make up their own mind." A Santoroum staffer disputed the DNC's inconsistency, but stopped short of proclaiming the DNC to be "pro plural pronoun with singular antecedent," on one of the most divisive issues facing the US today: Even when gender is determinate, or, when it is not, out of a misplaced sense of politically correct pride(admittedly, "he/she" is a bit clunky), we still cannot avoid those basal impulses to say "their" as often as English teachers listening to Howard Dean say "&*%!"
   This alliance should be prescient for Pennsylvania Republicans. A challenger, then Lt. governor, lost to Tom Ridge because he had not informed Casey, the then governor, that he was pro abortion until after he had been elected.


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