Sunday, July 24, 2005

Law Partner of Former Primary Foe Bashes Birkett

   Bob Cummins, erstwhile chairman of the Illinois Judicial Inquiry Board, launched into a anti Birkett jeremiad, when he was informed of Birkett's decision to (gasp!) meet with newspaper editorial boards to discuss the Nicarico case.As MP astutely observes, Cummins is the law partner of Tom Cronin, who had run against Birkett in the primary. Tom Cronin is the brother of Dan Cronin(state sen from Elmhurst).
   All this manufactured hysteria has nothing to do with Birkett's unimpeachable ethics, but everything to do with his undeserved reputation for recklessness. We know the Trib would be howling if he decided not to go public with it......
   Also, who was the SA during the Verneal Jimerson case? Baby Richard. Enough said.


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