Wednesday, July 20, 2005

   When arguing in favor of the Flag Protection Act, Roberts was acting in his professional capacity. Yet, the American Prospect still characterizes him as "right of Scalia."
   One could make a similar analogy about Jim Doyle. In Doyle v. Planned Parenthood, the 7th circuit(with a majority opinion written by Richard Posner, of all people) struck down the Wisconsin pba ban. Doyle, a Democrat, then AG, and now governor, is pro abortion. He was merely acting in his professional capacity, as with J-Ry in Ryan v Hope Clinic, decided on the same day, in which Illiniois's pba ban was bench-slapped, and in which the ACLU acquired the dubious distinction of being the first entity to lead a successful charge against an abortion ban. What about the amicus briefs in Stenburg v Carhart, though?


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