Monday, July 25, 2005

Rock Island Dems to Boland: Stay Put?

   Today's Capitol Fax has a lengthy and informative article on "Squish" Boland, state rep from the Quad Cities. Mr. Miller asserts that Rock Island dems and Boland's House colleagues are lobbying him to seek another term, as opposed to running statewide, for fear that the seat would be lost. He ran ahead of Kerry in 04, and Blago, in 02, in his district. However, a competing perspective asserts that his longstanding feud with Denny Jacobs has harmed him among Democrats, and that he runs behind other Dems. (He had only 55% in 2004.) Boland has avowed his interest in running for Treasurer. He has also made public the animosity with which he regards the governor; professing that he would endorse Hynes or L. Madigan if either ran in the primary. A former high school teacher, Boland is a longstanding admirer of Pat Quinn.


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