Thursday, July 28, 2005

Vote for McGlynn Vancancy to Be Held Aug.10

   The selection of Judge Steve McGlynn's successor on the SCC from CD-12 will take place on August 10th. The only avowed contenders are Carbondale mayor Brad Cole and Mike McGlynn, brother (and erstwhile law partner) of Judge McGlynn. Says Downstate Pundit, relating an unfolding geographical drama in Metro East, "Cole, with the help of several notable elected officials, has locked up most of the Carbondale-area Chairmen, making this a race too close to call." He adds that the Madison County chairwoman appears to be backing Mr. McGlynn, which, in addition to the weighed vote McGlynn has as St.Clair County chairman, cedes him 48.6%. One as-yet-unannounced spoiler(maybe Hirman Neff?) could siphon off enough of Cole's vote to give Mr. McGlynn a plurality.
   Obiter Dictum reiterates our endorsement of Mr. McGlynn. His experience as county chairman uniquely prepares him for the duties of representing CD-12 on the SCC.


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