Thursday, August 25, 2005

Durkin May Run for Lyons's Seat!

Erstwhile state rep Jim Durkin may revive his now-comatose political career with a bid for the seat that will be vacated by State Rep Eileen Lyons(R-Western Springs), who has announced her decision to retire. Indian Head Park Mayor Richard Pellegrino, IEPA deputy director Bill Seith both report having been "encouraged" to run by Rep Lyons. State Sen and DuPage County GOP Chairman Kirk Dillard avowed his intentions to defer to Leader Cross on the matter. If Lyons were to resign prior to the primary, Dillard would be among those selecting her successor. Lyons could also merely not run again, or resign after the primary, in which case her successor would be assured the stature of incumbency with which to negotiate both the general and a future primary challenge.


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