Saturday, August 27, 2005

Fare thee well, Cong Manzullo?

The 2006 edition of the Almanac of American Politics(available online only by paid subscription) makes a brief mention of the possibility that US Rep Don Manzullo(R-Egan) may not seek another term in 2006. The Rockford titan is chairman of the Small Business Committee. His stature in the Illinois delegation and relative youth(61) make it unlikely, but as Winkel, Wojick, and Jones, among others, have shown, the decision to retire from the political sphere is one that is often made for seemingly esoteric reasons.
Potential successors to Manzullo include State Sen. Dave Syverson(R-Rockford) and State Sen. J. Bradley "Brad" Burzynski (R-Belvedere). Rep. Bob Pritchard(R-Sycamore) is a likely heir to Burzynski's senate seat.


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