Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Fritchey Slates a Ticket

In this post, Fritchey presages an Edgar/Radogno ticket, with JBT seeking another term, Brady running for Comptroller, and Rutherford, for SOS. Whether or not Brady's seat is up, and Radogno's, for that matter, (Rutherford's isn't), will likely influence this.
Rutherford's announcement for SOS indicates that JBT intends to seek another term in the Treasurer's office, which begs the question: with whom would Edgar run? Radogno appears to be a Rauschy loyalist, and has endorsed him previously. However, if Edgar were to run, Rauschy likely would abjure, putting Radogno in the cat bird seat for a quid pro quo between the two men. Of course, Edgar could, in a radical display of intraparty fealty, run with Rauschy.


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