Thursday, August 25, 2005

Giangreco's Anti Edgar Jeremiad

Mr. Giangreco professes that Governor Edgar can't run "on ethics" to reclaim the office, but, despite the minor foibles of MSI, he is a comprative choir boy. Does the name "Tony Rezko"(who promises to be a Clarence McClain-remember him?-reincarnate) mean anything to him? Many Democrats, including Giangreco, are fond of mentioning Stuart Levine. By whom was Levine reappointed to the HFPB?
Illinois is still above the national average in unemployment, a fact of which Giangreco makes no mention.(In July 2005, the national unemployment rate was 5%. Unemployment in Illinois was at 6%.) He also ignores the sweeping campaign finance reform legislation signed into law by Governor Edgar, a fait accompli unrivaled by our present chief exec, who has yet to overcome his slight "credibility gap" on the issue.
Giangreco also professes that " Blagojevich has done the same job with 57,000 people." Perhaps the result of the unprofitable ERI-aka the governor's failed attempt to reduce the state payrolls that ended up costing the taxpayers money?
Eric Zorn assesses Pete Giangreco's now, um, infamous anti-Edgar jeremiad that appeared in Capitol Fax.


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