Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A GOP Coup in Champaign County?

If State Rep Naomi Jakobbson(D-Champaign) were to run for Winkel's seat, perhaps the GOP could reclaim her seat, held by now US rep Tim Johnson and then Tom Berns from 1976-2002. Twenty six years of representation in the IL House can't easily be expunged from political history, but the 00 map was ostensibly unfavorable to Berns, prompting his demise.
Though it seems unlikely that State Rep Bill Black(R-Danville) would seek the senate seat, if he were to, his House seat could easily be retained by the R's. (Black is Vermillion County chairman and could easily hand pick his successor.)Black,however, is one of two Dep't Min.Leaders(the other is Rep Brent Hassert of Romeoville) and is too renowned for his sometimes inexplicable antics to be a freshman in the upper chamber.


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