Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Jim Leach weighs in on Irv Smith's departure as Sangamon County GOP chairman. Obiter Dictum commends Chairman Smith on his twenty three years-all of which we very fruitful-playing the dual-and not entirely contradictory-roles of patriarch and patronage powerbroker exercising influence all over the city-and south of I-80. It is, indeed, a day to be mourned.
Mr Smith served on term in the Illinois House and is an incumbent alderman-soon to be term-limited out of office. He has made his career out of being a downstate kingmaker. He delivered re-election for an embattled Hasara administration and victory for many other candidates, both local and stateside. He will sorely be missed. However, Obiter Dictum is confident that under a chairman Libri or Van Meter or whomever else, the Sangamon County GOP will continue to prosper.


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