Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Suzanne Simpson to Run Against Geo-Karis in Primary!

Warren Township Supervisor Suzanne Simpson has avowed her intentions to run against the ineffable Adelaine(sp?) Geo-Karis in the GOP primary. Simpson served briefly in the IL House, after being appointed to Andrea S Moore's seat.
UPDATE: In this Trib article, State Rep Jo Ann Osmond(R-Anitoch), also Lake County chairman, is noncommittal. An interesting twist: the Trib characterizes Geo-Karis, 87, as a "promoter" of Simpson's political career. Said the pugnacious challenger, "This isn't a referendum on Geo." On Geo? Excuse me? Make that Senator-or, better yet, Lt Commander, Geo Karis. (Geo Karis, who has since, of course, retired from the armed forces, was once a Lt commander with top secret clearance.)
I'll be interested to hear what the Leader has to say on this.


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