Saturday, September 24, 2005

Saturday Night's All Right for Fighting

   At least in suburban Buffalo Grove, where State Rep Sid Mathias is still pondering a bid for the senate seat that will be vacated by Wendell E Jones. Mathias is certain to face primary opposition whether he opts to move up or seek another term in his House seat. According to the Leader article, no amends have been reached by warring local pols( and putative personal friends) Matt Murphy and Kevin O'Connell as to which man will be the conservative standard bearer in the senate race.(Complicating matters is the fact O'Connell's mother is likely to be staring down an incumbent in her race for Wheeling GOP Committeeman.) This may hearten moderates Mathias and Palatine Mayor Rita Mullins. It is also unclear whom Jones himself would support-though it is probably safe to say that it would be neither Murphy nor O'Connell. Mathias is a colleague of his, but Mullins succeeded Jones as mayor of Palatine.


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