Sunday, September 04, 2005

Successors to Rehnquist

   Potential appointees to the vacancy include many of those considered for O'Connor's seat. Samuel Alito, dubbed "Scalito" for his similarity to the Supreme Court justice, former deputy AG Larry Thompson, Michael Luttig, like Alito, a federal appeals court judge, and Mary Ann Glendon, a professor at Harvard Law School. Glendon identifies her "research interests" as beingamong others, bioethics and international human rights.
   Alito, another Justice Dep't alum, was appointed to the Third Circuit in 1990. Luttig was appointed to the fourth the very next year. Larry Thompson resigned from the Justice Dep't earlier this month after an embattled tenure as a point man by acclamation on both corporate fraud and the war on terror. Prior to his departure, he was the highest-ranking African American in federal law enforcement.


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