Sunday, October 09, 2005

And Let There Be Questions!

"Legal issues
and personal issues are just
two different things."

Critics on both sides are eager to interrogate the woman once described as able to "filet better than Mrs. Paul(when cross-examing)." J Committee chairman Arlen Specter asked for assurance that "no deals had been cut with the White House" to overturn Roe v Wade. Remarks made by conservative scion James Dobson in which he expressed certainty of Miers's social conservatism have earned her the suspicion of Democratic J Committee members like Vermont's Patrick Leahy who deadpanned, "If...somebody gives assurances how they're going to vote in an upcoming case, I would vote against that person." A little known jurist named Judge Nathan Hecht, who serves on the Texas Supreme Court, provided some of the most sound commentary of the entire debacle. "Legal issues and personal issues are just two different things. Judges do it all the time," said he.


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