Thursday, October 06, 2005

Being Governor: It Takes B***s

We apologize in advance for the crude and misgoynstic pun. We just couldn't resist.
Today, federal prosecutor Pat Collins regaled the jury with tales of excursions to sporting events that former governor George Ryan subsidized with campaign funds. ""They're trying to dirty up George Ryan by portraying him as a fella who run off to an NCAA playoff in Indianapolis or a Bulls game in New York," deadpanned Dan Webb, who once occupied the office from which US Attorney Pat Fitzgerald indicted his client. Collins vowed to Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer, who is presiding over the case, that he and his team were not "gilding the lily."
Scott Fawell continues to testify, and is expected to be on the stand for several more days.
UPDATE: Fawell testified that campaign coffers funded other personal expenses, including membership to the Kankakee Country Club and generous gifts to staffers. Recounted the former aide, "He would say, 'This is from Lura Lynn and I, Merry Christmas,' and I would say, 'Thank you, ho, ho, ho.'" Evidently, neither ethics nor grammar is the former governor's strong point. Son-in-law Michael Fairman was the receipient of a $10,000 "consulting contract." When asked by federal prosecutors if Fairman had done any consulting work for G-Ry's campaign, Fawell responded in the negative.
The Sun Times has another article here.


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