Thursday, October 06, 2005

Blago: Universal Healthcare for Illinois Children

The governor is set to announce a proposal under which all uninsured Illinois children would be eligible for a state subsidized insurance program. Speaker Mike and Emil Jones have already signed on. The governor plans to fund the 45 million price tag with instituting managed care for Medicaid, a move that has already won plaudits from Republicans, including State. Rep. Patti Bellock. It is thought that the matter will be taken up in the veto session, which begins October 25th.
Blago's advisers have probably billed this as the antitode to all his current woes: a significant accomplishment to laud in campaign ads, while neutralizing Republican foes with two words that none can resist:"managed care." An aide to former Massachuesetts governor Bill Weld once described any conflict with him as "trying to play chess with someone who's playing two games with once." That must be how Rauschy feels about now. How will he and Lauzen among others react? A veto proof majority will require some Republican votes. Can the governor afford to wait until next spring? Probably not. Could we ever expect a crucial bipartisan alliance in an election year? Or, will this go the same way as the med mal bill-a compromise that leaves one side unconvinced that it has lost?


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