Friday, October 14, 2005

Department of Corrections

Well, not really. But in response to some comments on other blogs, we are running a clarification of our post here on the ineptitude of the CD-10 Democrats. One person remarked that the organization known as the "10th district Democrats" had been existence for only year, challenging our assertion that though "once strong" they had "declined." Well, that isn't exactly the most confidence inspiring remark on their part, and also, we were using the term generically. Frankly, we think the entity we prefer to call the "10th century Dems" is below contempt. Also, as to how they have declined, two words:Abner Mikva. Need we say more?
We also acknowledge that Zane Smith is the only announced candidate and that it is dubious that the other two will run. (In fact, Bradford had informed us that he was not running, although I do not know if that is indeed the case.) Clint Krislov, is, of course, the three hundred pound gorilla, such as it is, that could join the fray. However, his feisty independence would keep him out of the establishment and his and Smith's trial lawyer vibes could cancel each other out. (Krislov would, however, be able to self-fund.)


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