Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Faulty Logic of the 10th Dems

   The 10th century Dems regularly charge that Kirk is a "vote" for the "anti choice, anti public education, anti environment" and general devil-incarnate "Republican leadership." Given the fact that conference chair Deborah Price, among others, is a moderate, they must be of the impression that Speaker Hastert embodies Republican leadership. In that case, wouldn't any of the Democratic state reps from the 10th be votes for "anti choice, anti public education[remember, Speaker Mike is no longer the teachers' unions' number one ally], anti environment" Democratic leadership? Their Republican opponents(or Republican incumbents, i.e. Coulson) are votes for House GOP leadership, which is, suprise, suprise, pro-public education, pro environment, and socially moderate, if we see it as embodied in Leader Cross(et al). Hypocrisy much?


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