Sunday, October 30, 2005

Froelich Opponent Emerges

Susan Giannone, a local elected official and staffer for US Rep. Melissa Bean, has announced her candidacy against state Rep. Paul Froelich, Republican of Schamburg. According to a Daily Herald report, Froehlich "is dealing with anonymous personal attacks on him and his wife from an Internet blog and recent mailing." The article said nothing more about the nature of these "attacks." Froelich represents a solidly Republican district, but predicted a GOP "civil war." Also a committeeman, Froelich was defeated by John Millner in his bid for the appointment to Kay Wojick's seat and has fallen from favor with some local Republicans after a protege of his announced for a general election campaign against Rep. Terry Parke(R-Hoffman Estates). Froelich was appointed in 2002 to Wojick's(which I am probably misspelling) seat in the Illinois House.
UPDATE: This article from over the weekend in the Elk Grove Times also mentions what it identifies as "The Truth About Paul" blog, but I have been stymied in my attempts to find the url.
UPDATE II: Score! Here it is. Understand, we're not endorsing the content; we're just reporting what has been said.
Says the anonymous antagonist:
"When Froehlich was selected to replace Kay Wojcik as a State Representative (by the way it was a weighted vote with Froehlich having a large percentage of the votes so of course he voted for himself) he then already held a state job with the Secretary of State’s office while at the same time holding another job as Schaumburg Township Assessor. His wife also held a state job with the Department of Transportation. "
First off, Froelich controlled all of the weighted vote. But for whom would he have voted? He did work for the SOS's office. I know nothing about Mrs. Froelich, other than that she is deputy state central committeeperson from CD-8. The blogger goes on to blame Froelich for being "instrumental" in getting a business's property tax assessment reduced, in addition to other random allegations.


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