Friday, October 21, 2005

Have They Forgotten So Soon About Med Mal?

The governor continues to gloat about the positive reception of his "All Kids" plan. From a press release lauding an endorsement of the proposal by the Illinois Academy of Family Physicians:
"'Family physicians know first hand how important health care is for children,” said Gov. Blagojevich. “I am so pleased that the Illinois Academy of Family Physicians will be joining with us in the effort to make sure each and every child in Illinois has access to the health care they need and deserve.'"
I'm sure they also appreciate the importance of pre-election political posturing. The same press release identifies only lead sponsors Speaker Mike and Emil Jones, excluding Lou Lang, who has maybe or maybenot extended the olive branch to the governor. The governor seems to have hit two contemporary political buzzwords: healthcare and jobs. Going on to exploit all potential for political gain, he cites the positive effect the "All Kids" plan would, if implemented, have on economic development.
"In addition, investing in health care can have a positive impact on local economies. Over the past five years, the health care industry has created nearly 40,000 new jobs in Illinois. Health care is the second-fastest growing industry in the state, and one of the fastest in the nation. "


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