Friday, October 28, 2005

In this post, Northshore pundit Jeff Berkowitz offers his takes on the "winners" and "losers" of the past month. He also waxes poetic on the excessive World Series coverage. OD concurs. There are certain sporting events that merit treatment as news, i.e., if UIUC were to go to the final match of the NCAA tournament as they did last year. (The taxpayers are, after all, paying for their uniforms, which certainly isn't the only reason we should cheer for them, but does justify it as a current event. ) A baseball game isn't one of them. Still, as we remarked in previous posts, Rep. Patti Bellock, among other legislators, seems to have caught White Sox fever.

No one asked us, but here's our take on the stories of the last month.
Peter Roskam. The primary field is clear and Christine Cegelis's campaign is moribund at best.
CMS. Again.
Most over-reported story
The inaccurate and misleading poll commissioned by the CD-10 Dems. Their latest misguided attempt to take aim at Congressman Kirk was a colossal flop. Need we say more?
Most under-reported story
Cheryl Axley's appointment to the Illinois Senate didn't make the Leader, but it's news nonetheless. New legislators don't come along very often, folks. A close second is Rep. Bob Churchill's entrance into the CD-8 race.


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