Saturday, October 29, 2005

Members of Illinois Delegation Respond to Libby's Indictment

In the wake of erstwhile Veep COS Scooter Libby's indictment and resignation, the press has been salivating to get inside the minds of members of the Illinois delegation-and legislators are reacting in typical style. Kirk was blogging on it within hours; his post made a WQAD broadcast. Gutierrez chalked it up to the Iraq war. LaHood didn't mince words. "There is no good in it for our party," said he.

Here, Northshore pundit Jeff Berkowitz dissects LaHood's and Bill Kristol's reactions to the developments. "The Libby indictment fits nicely with the Democrats’ plans to nationalize the ’06 Congressional elections around their argument that the national Republican Party suffers from a “Culture of corruption," Mr. Berkowitz muses. If that is the case, the state GOP and national Dems are on a similar centripetal trajectory:putting executive branch(well, with the exception of DeLay) foibles front and center in legislative races, the very same thing that worked so well for New Gingrich in 1994, except he used dirty words like "morality."


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