Sunday, October 09, 2005

Obiter Dictum's Weekly News Quiz

   What kind of a journo are you? Test your mad current events skills with our first periodical news quiz.
1. Who is Harriet Miers?
A. A character from a book by Charlotte Bronte.
B. A lobbyist with ties to Tom DeLay.
C. The newest "random person suddenly and inexplicably elevated to celebrity status!"
D. President Bush's SCOTUS nominee for O'Connor's seat.
2. Who is Zane Smith?
A. A Democratic congressional candidate in Illinois's 10th
B. A trial lawyer who fancies himself politician material.
C. Didn't he write some Westerns?
D. If you don't tell me, I'm suing.
3. What did Scott Fawell testify George Ryan famously advised him?
A. "We better be done by 5. Lura Lynn doesn't want to wait dinner."
B. "Let's see, what political crony doesn't have a state contract?"
C. "Bower's been complaining about the girls. Work it out, will ya?"
D. "If anyone you know ever needs a commercial driver's license, don't hesitate to ask."
4. Bob Churchill is likely to get voted what?
A. Least likely to win an election.
B. Republican nominee for the US House from Illinois's 8th.
C. The one luckly Republican who gets to run against Dan Hynes
D. "Most socially conservative" by his Illinois House colleagues.
5. According to a recent poll, who is leading the governor in a one on one matchup?
A. Krusty the Klown
B. Jon Stewart
C. Steve Rauschenburger
D. Eric Zorn


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