Sunday, October 09, 2005

Oil Industry Puppet Apparently Pretends to Give a Fig About Lake Michigan

The National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration's study, released by U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk, R-Highland Park, also suggested that a majority of the mercury pollution comes from coal-fired electric power plants in the states that surround Lake Michigan.

Calling Chicago the mercury "hot spot," Kirk said the report, which he requested from NOAA in June, proves the federal government must compel power plants to reduce their mercury emissions sooner than current government regulations.

Waukegan News Sun, October 7th
But, never fear. The 10th district Dems will orchestrate another attempt to paint Congressman "Exxon is My Homie" Kirk as the evil, mutant anti environment capitalist he really is. I mean, don't you know? Why else would he have voted against ANWR and been endorsed by the Sierra Club in his past two races? You know the real reason he wants to clean up Lake Micighan is because we wouldn't want a dirty oil rig, would we? No, sir, he'll go out there and shine them himself if he has to.
   After all, earlier this week Kirk showed just what a good, dear, valued puppet-oops, we mean friend, friend-of the President he is. Kirk deadpanned that the EPA was "ignoring the science"-a reference to mercury emissions right. I mean, that's what friends do, right? He, Bush, and the Speaker have an elaborate plot in which Kirk only pretends to be all independent and good government and stuff, right? He's such a good friend of Bush and the Speaker, he never votes with them.


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