Sunday, October 09, 2005

Rep. Dan Brady on His Experiences With Katrina

   State Rep. Dan Brady of Bloomington, Republican conference chairman, has returned from the south, where he was providing disaster relief. "People are the lasting memories, those who reconnected or are still looking (for loved ones.) I wonder if they have the news they need, good or bad," said he. Brady, former McLean County coroner and a certified undertaker collected DNA samples of missing people. He was accompanied by Tim Ruestman, Woodford County Coroner.
Brady and Ruestman, who rode out the outer bands of Hurricane Rita during their stay, say much of the post-Katrina waiting and wondering could have been averted if officials had kept better records as they recovered bodies and shipped out evacuees.
(AP article, see here.)
   Kudos to Rep. Brady on his efforts. Few elected officials display that level of genuine concern that transcends campaign promises to promoting a higher good.


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