Saturday, October 08, 2005

Saturday Morning Round-Up

   A police officer has been exculpated in the beating of a Cal City teen.
   Suburban junior students took ill after drinking juice distributed in their school cafeteria.
   An earthquake along the Pakistani-Indian border caused hundreds of deaths.
   Over $220,000 in public funds was paid by DCFS contractors to Genesis Economic Development and Genesis Productions. More to come.
   Suburban schools have disciplined students after details of drinking exploits were revealed on their blogs.
   Peoria Pundit on local Ald. Billy Spears as a likely general election candidate against Rep. Aaron Schock, or for a vacant seat, if Schock runs for Shadid's senatorial seat. How about Kevin Lyons as a Democratic candidate for that office? Lyons is the incumbent Peoria County SA and seen as a hot young prospect. He is very conservative on criminal justice issues, as befits a prosecutor, and an ardent advocate of the death penalty.


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