Saturday, October 01, 2005

Senate D's by Previous Occupation

Out of curiosity, I performed similar analysis on the Senate D's. Public employees predominated by far. There were also large gaps in the data. I relied on my own knowledge and online bios: although that was insufficient for Ronen, Schoenburg, Hendon, Jacobs(Mike, of course), and Viverito. All percentages are rounded to the nearest 1/100th and are out of 32 members.
Prosecutor and trial lawyer: 3.13 %
Journalist: 3.13
Public employees: 21.88
Practicing att'y: 12.5%
Law enforcement: 9.38
Clergy: 3.13
Teaching/social work: 3.13
Farming: 3.13
Advertising: 3.13
Prosecutor: 3.13
Business: 3.13
Public service/lobbying/business: 3.13
Teaching: 3.13
Practicing att'y/hospital administrator: 3.13
Unknown: 15.67


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