Friday, October 28, 2005

Some Like it Hot

Look, okay, we interrupt our non existent coverage of the Scooter Libby case for this state news update..........

After a "great deal of prayer"potential congressional candidate Barry Bradford has decided not to pursue the CD-10 race against Congressman Mark Kirk, citing family concerns and the "current political climate." Recent polls have confirmed what many have known for a very long time: Kirk has a secure seat and voters know it. The congressman is basking in the pyrotechnics of his own mad skills after several important victories in the past several months. He had long fought Tom DeLay's influence, lobbying Speaker Hastert to reverse the rules change that would have kept him in office. Kirk sheparded through the House the stem cell research bill-and narrowly averted a fisticuff with Rick Renzi along the way.

You may also have noticed the CD-10 poll in the sidebar. It has long been clear to us that it was freeped and we continued to leave it up purely for entertaiment value. We assure you that it has not in any way indicative of the numbers at the poll next fall. Kirk is going to sail to victory come November and we all know it.

Bradford's press release on his not running:

After a great deal of prayer, I have decided not to seek the nomination
of the Democratic Party for the 10th Congressional District Seat.
While I know that I could make a competitive run and a positive
contribution to the public debate, the current atmosphere of politics
and the needs of my family make it unwise for me to run as a Democrat
at this time.

I thank everyone who has been so kind in encouraging me. And I hope
both political parties will look at the poll results... and conclude
that there is a place in government for dentrist, moderate,
citizen-politicians who do not desire to make politics their life. Had
I run as a Democrat, I would have been the only non lawyer in the race
- and the only person who pledged to term limit himself. Since
Congressman Kirk is a former schoolteacher himself, we would have an
intellectual debate and a fascinating, issues oriented election!


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