Thursday, October 06, 2005

State Dems Present Less Than United Front on Mangieri

Rep. Fritchey has a post on the subject. Both Sen. Miguel del Valle and Sen.Iris Y Martinez are bemoaning the lack of a Hispanic statewide candidate. Martinez, the first(and, thus far, only) Hispanic female state senator, knows something about diversity. Downstate R's should check their enthusiasm over Madigan's purely Machivellian slating of a western Illinois candidate-all the better with which to take back the Treasurer's office, my dear (assuming that there isn't an "Occupied" sign).All of the incumbent constitutional officers reside in the Chicago metro area. If elected, Magieri would be the first since Governor Edgar to hail from south of I-80. On the other hand, Martinez has a point. Downstaters were never told to go to the back of the bus.
Mangieri's social conservatism is also a bone of contention. The incumbent Knox County SA was an unsuccessful candidate in the 2002 lt. gov. primary.


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