Friday, October 07, 2005

2006 Round-Up

   Tom Morrison, potential primary challenger to State Rep. Suzi Bassi(R-Palatine) has filed with the ISBE but for an unspecified office. According to the State Board and the FEC, has made no reported political contributions.
   Rep. Sid Mathias is expected to seek another term in his House seat and abjure from the race for the Senate seat that will be vacated by Wendell E. Jones. The Senate Republicans are expected to back local elected official Matt Murphy for that office. Scott Bludorn is likely to run against Mathias in the Republican primary. Bludorn had previously run for the 53rd seat as a Libertarian. Bludorn has garnered the support of the ICRC.
   Russ Stewart identifies a disillusioned former Water Dep't employee named Frank Coconate as a challenger to former state sen. Bill Marovitz for Democratic State Central Committeeman from the 9th district. Coconate is spearheading "Opposistion 2007" (one wonders why it is not "Opposistion 2006"-maybe he is mistaken about the year of the election?) and wants to field a candidate against State Rep. Mike McAullife(R-Chicago). Also, Stewart expects Dennis Fleming, who was defeated by John D'Amico in the 04 primary for Caparelli's seat, to run against Pete Silvestri for Cook County Board.
   Also, Sen. Donny Harmon(D-Chicago) may have a primary foe. Says local precinct committeeman Mike Nardello, "I think I can beat him." Jim Rowe has announced his general election campaign against Harmon, although that is destined for failure, given the fact that, among other thigns, Rowe will probably lack the backing of bipartisan powerbroker Skip Saviano, one of the two reps from that district. (Deborah L Graham is the other.)


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