Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sunday Morning Update

Carol Marin has a ribald round-up on the race for President of the CCB and the ususal sniping between Claypool and Quigley.
Bernie Schoenburg has a lenghty(but not nearly long enough) article on the governor's pecadilloes.
US Rep Don Manzullo(R-Rockford), a Republican titan and chairman of the House Small Business Committee, became the latest voice to join the growing chorus in favor of US withdrawl from Iraq, the first Republican in the Illinois delegation to do so. In May, Manzullo voted against Lynn Woolsey's amendment that would have set a timetable for trip withdrawls.

From the Rockford Register-Star
The most specific proposal came from Rep. Don Manzullo, who said the United States should begin a phased-in withdrawal of troops after the Dec. 15 parliamentary elections in Iraq — provided that enough Iraqi troops have been trained to stabilize the country...
In other Rockford-centric news, the RR Star has an editorial against the current state regulations on "fight events." Admittedly, Rockford is lacking in economic development, but it's a sad commentary on the state of affairs in the state's second city(or third, depending on whom one asks) that it has come to this. Come on. These may be a KO for Rockford, but so could trade in drugs or other illegal activities.


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