Monday, October 24, 2005

To Run or Not to Run: That Is The Question

According to northshore pundit Jeff Berkowitz in this post on his blog, the Treasurer is not expected to announce her decision today, or tomorrow, either. Presuming that she really is in Quincy, as her spokesflack contended, there must be some explanation for her spending time downstate. If she indeed isn't running, she may want to bury her announcement-and the speculations on the lack of "leadership" "good candidates" "ethics"-you name it-that would inevitably ensue in the press-under the opening salvos of the veto session. If she is going to run, she may also have motivation to wait-she would then be able to engage in all of the maneuvering that invariably accompanies it without the specter of a contentious race over her shoulder. Then again, she also doesn't want to do anything she would regret. In other words, Topinka, by the virtue of her political prowess-has found herself in an undesirable position at the precipice of both success and failure.


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