Monday, October 24, 2005

To Stroger, Two Wrongs Make a Right

All right, I'm sorry to traumatize you by repeating your second grade teacher's favorite adage, but for Stroger, at least, it seems to be the case. Most recently, the embattled Cook County Board President remarked to the Daily Southtown that "But I never see any of those guys attacking Mayor Daley. He raises taxes every year"-a reference to primary foe Forrest Claypool and potential primary foe Mike Quigley-both of whom are white. If anyone is going to make the election a referendum on his race, it'll be Stroger.
Which isn't to say that Stroger's relations with the black community have been rosy, either. He has a sometimes-antagonist in Commissoner Earlean Collins-who is African American-a once prominent Democrat and former statewide candidate. Though Stroger frequently analogizes himself to Harold Washington, it was a no-longer potential primary foe, Assessor Jim Houlihan who once worked for the future mayor. In short, Stroger appears to be running a retrograde campaign that is counting on a lenghty politcal memory. Unfortunately for him, most Cook County voters are more interested in moving forward than looking back.


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